“For all beings to be water has to be”
But pure, tasty and safe water is not found naturally. Let the purpose be drinking of mineral water, or simple bathing under a shower or in a swimming pool, or washing clothes, or cleaning vessels each purpose requires its unique treatment. Treated water is required not only for human consumption but also for processing of chemicals, pharma, food, beverages, textiles, semi-conductors and for protecting boilers and heat exchangers from scaling.
Water solves almost any and many. The trouble is some water has minute dissolved solids-undesirable for industries. Some times it is replete with harmful things. Such as bacteria, viruses and un dissolved contaminants causing untold hardship to man kind. Yet some water has no traces of essential minerals for human beings.
Removing all the contaminants in water is not necessary always; some times you may also need to add a few.
Water purification is a step-by-step process often requiring a combination of technologies. ACE AQUA TECHNOLOGIES gives you the best water treatment systems by blending these technologies to suit your need.
We have completed over 10 years in the manufacture of Industrial, domestic & municipal water treatment plant and today we are one of the reputed manufacturers in this field. The Factory is situated near Ambattur Industrial Estate, Chennai in INDIA.
We have well equipped quality control system, manned by qualified engineers to set norms of acceptance of incoming material, material in process and finished plants according to the established standards and to ensure the quality.

Over the past 10 years, We have been supplied to practically all-important industries either directly or through leading consultants in the respective lines.